My Journey

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Describe here your journey to how you got to where you are now, include the programming from 1990s, borrowing your uncles Borland C++ manuals, then studying in Cobol, and Pascal, and Systems design, your first developer job as a Delphi programmer, then being frustrated by the Java ability to make reasonable SOAP requests over XML-RPC (Reasearch this a bit). At the same time as a volunteer medic and fire fighter, left full time ambulance service, moved aborad and migrated into international politics and security. 2016 turning point felt a strong desire to own more of my space and time, with family. Coding was a sensible route. The final push came during covid when it became evident that coding really is a way out of the office melodrama. Started with Scala, natural evolution from Java, then jumped every year since 2016 to try different languages, explored Haskell, Javascript, Typescript, Python, and most recently Go. Comfortable using the languages Typescript, Python and Golang.

Constantly searching for enlightenment through deep focus coding and learning. Constantly attempting to get into and remain in the bliss of the flow state, where time and space appear not to exist. Enmeshed in the code, in the system, in the web, building for the future.